Anakie Fairy Park

Once upon a time in 1959 some dreamers opened a fairytale and fantasy realm hereby establishing Australia’s first themed park.

Since then it has grown and become a very unique and magical place dedicated to the art of bringing back to life the ancient fairy-tales, myths and legends of a time long ago.

Discover Fairytale Land’s magic. Follow the sweeping pathways & discover the fairytale stories. Just press the buttons & be dazzled as the characters come to life. Listen to the story and sing along with the music. Set amongst beautiful gardens, castles, caves & cottages. 

Explore Camelot Adventure Playground’s secret passages and dark tunnels in this unique medieval playground. Climb daring towers, creep through the darkest tunnels, rescue damsels in distress, but watch out for Merlin and his magic!


2388 Ballan Road, Anakie Victoria 3213, Australia

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