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Castle Hill RSL Group

The roots of Castle Hill RSL can be tracked back to 1932, when the “Hills District Returned Sailors and Soldiers Club” was created to support World War 1 veterans and their families. After gathering in a church hall for some time, preparations were made for the lease of Crown Land on Old Northern Road, Castle Hill. On this land the “Anzac Memorial Hall” was formed, the foundation stone being placed in 1935 and the hall was finalized in 1936. After the establishment of the hall the diggers still didn’t have a club room. By self-help they unearthed a space beneath a stage the width of the hall and the height about 8 feet. Entry was gained by a set of stairs running from the park down into what then became known as “The Dugout”. In 1954 the club was approved a liquor license and became a legal identity known as “the Castle Hill RSL Sub-Branch Club”. Up until then, the club was functioning illegally but was endured by the authorities. In 1974 the club moved to the current site of nearly 5 hectares and was formally opened by Sir Roden Cutler VC. Since 1974, there have been continuing facelifts and modifications to the site to uphold and improve member services. It is our duty at Castle Hill RSL to give members and the community a contemporary and advanced community-focused club group that offers the best service, gaming, sporting, amusement and fitness/aquatic services and facilities. Members, their families and friends of all ages in the Hills see their club as their first choice for entertainment, gaming, food, drink, events, sporting and fitness/aquatic requirements. Castle Hill RSL is pleased to support organizations and the community. Castle Hill RSL supports a varied array of interclubs. Castle Hill RSL’s dedication to sport is well known in the Hills District with our sponsorship support for Soccer, Athletics, Junior League, Rugby Union and Netball.

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    77 Castle Street, Castle Hill, NSW 2154 Australia
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    (02) 8858 4800
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