Daktari Surf and Dive

Daktari Surf and Dive conduct PADI certified diving courses throughout the Victorian South Western Region, from Queenscliff, Geelong, Ballarat, Warrnambool, Port Fairy, Portland and beyond.
Taking advantage of all the fabulous aquatic resources the region has to offer, you have the unique opportunity to join us not only in the pool but also in the vast Southern Ocean diving points along the Great Ocean Road. We also dive the numerous natural lakes, estuaries and rivers in the area.  Join us to sample some of Australia’s finest diving spots. We know them all and we are regulars at most.
All of our professional instructors are specialist divers and have PADI qualifications. We are also credited “Working with Children” and are certified First Aid instructors and practitioners.


197 Gray St, Hamilton VIC 3300, Australia

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