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Flinders Council

The Flinders municipality is an archipelago of 52 very small remote islands that stretch from mainland Tasmania through to Wilsons Promontory in Victoria and includes a number of Island groups in the municipality including the Furneaux, Kent and Hogan Island Groups. Flinders Island is the largest of the islands located in the Furneaux Group and the region has around 900 permanent residents. Flinders is a long, narrow island, 75 km long and 40 km wide, with the Darling Ranges running along the middle of the island. Flinders Island has a thriving rural community that produces sheep and wool, cattle, milk-fed lambs, crayfish, abalone, wine and wallaby and a number of niche products including organic garlic, wasabi, finger limes, honey; many of these producers are represented and supported by Flinders Island Fresh. Other main business activities include rural support industries and a growing tourism industry. Flinders Council provides a wide range initiatives including community and economic development, tourism and promoting the health and general wellbeing of the Furneaux Region community and its environment. Get swept away in ‘Island Time’ where visitors get to relax and be a part of our laid back atmosphere. Explore our beautiful beaches, walks, go fishing or join in of some of our local community events including Furneaux Islands Festival, Emita Sports, Music in the Vines, Quick Shear and the Crayfish Festival.

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