Guide Falls Farm

At Guide Falls Farm if you’ve read about us you’d know that we love our family time on the farm. In a time where children are glued to screens, families are no longer eating at the dinner table and where quality time together is becoming more sporadic than the likes we get on our social media accounts, it is important to experience a simpler life from time to time. Join us with your family for a grounding, and fun experience on our farm to make memories for years to come!

Go at your own pace with our DIY Farmer experience. Get the kids to grab their feed buckets and off into the paddocks you go! Following a map you’ll be able to explore our expansive farm, animal park, and gardens, all while staying behind the fences to safely interact with our animals. This is the perfect introductory tour for if you have children that haven’t been around farm animals before.


Guide Falls Alpaca Farm, 309 W Ridgley Rd, West Ridgley TAS, Australia

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