Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages

Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages offers horse and carriage tours of Hobart’s wonderful historic waterfront and Battery Point area. You’ll find us parked on Salamanca Place awaiting your custom. We offer 3 separate tours, suited to all budgets. Once you ride in our sumptuous carriage, you’ll understand why royalty still use horse drawn vehicles! It’s an experience to be savoured. and we can also help you celebrate your life’s events such as important birthdays, a marriage proposal, wedding or a surprise gift. Just call us and see how we can make a special day even more special. An unforgettable experience for young and old. Clip clop back in time to Hobart’s colonial past when you take a tour with Heritage Horse Drawn Cottages. Travel in our luxurious open carriage drawn by two beautiful horses. We have tours for every time schedule and budget.


Salamanca Place, Hobart TAS, Australia

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