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Indo Pacific Marine

Indo Pacific began in 1971 as a privately funded project to collect and establish onshore marine ecosystems highlighting the unique features of the coral reefs which abound in Darwin waters. Very little was known of this underwater "wildlife" at that time, or that it even existed. Indo Pacific Marine - Tours Indo Pacific Marine also features unique night tours of the reef. Yet again, this all happens indoors where each visitor is supplied with a torch to observe the nocturnal world of the reef environment, and this can include corals spawning or fluorescing in a spectacular display of light. For an even more close-up experience, magnifying sheets are placed against the glass walls of the displays to observe minute organisms as they go about their business, as they would in an ocean environment. A Coral Reef By Day A tour of this exhibit will enlighten you on the amazing natural eco-system of the coral reefs of the Darwin Harbour. Showcasing displays of living coral ecosystems and the diversity of animals associated with coral reefs , such as sea horses, clown fish and butterfly fish. Upon arrival visitors are introduced to the exhibition with a brief film, which focuses on the extraordinary life of a coral reef. A guided tour is then conducted throughout this spectacular living marine exhibition centre. We recommend that visitors allow at least an hour to enjoy the full experience of the exhibition. A Coral Reef By Night Recommended is our 'Coral Reef by Night' show and seafood night, held at the centre, commencing at 6:30pm on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday After a guided tour of the exhibition, you will experience our superb NT cuisine served either in house or outside garden deck overlooking Darwin Harbour. Whilst you are dining the lights are turned off in the exhibition allowing the animals and plants to assume their night time roles. You are then returned to the displays, which are now in darkness, where the rare and beautiful phenomena of fluorescing corals and animals can be seen and enjoyed. The night is then concluded with a torch light tour of the nocturnal reef world. Because the evening tours also include a seafood dinner, it is a complete event, involving education, entertainment, relaxation and the experience of our superb NT cuisine served either in house or on our Ocean Courtyard overlooking Darwin Harbour.

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