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Jumping Crocodile Cruises

Home of the original famous jumping crocodile cruises! “You're kidding!” Jumping crocodiles, I don't believe it, how can anybody get a wild 6-metre croc to jump right next to a boat and then go and find many more crocs that virtually eat out of your hand? To see crocs make sure you go with someone that knows what they are doing. The ADELAIDE RIVER QUEEN CRUISES has been working with these animals for 33 years and has the knowledge and experience to bring you back in one piece and delighted with the experience. What's even more amazing is that this attraction is natural; it takes nothing from the crocodile's habitat and changes nothing in the way it lives naturally in the wild. A short interaction of just a few minutes a day ensures that the crocodiles lose none of their natural survival and hunting instincts. You can almost touch these animals through the thick glass windows and together with an informative commentary this experience will leave you with a balanced and informed view of the Australian saltwater crocodile. They have been voted the ninth best wildlife cruise in Australia and we recommend this natural wildlife attraction to everybody that has a love of seeing animals that are free and living in their natural environment.  

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