Katherine Outback Experience

There has always been a romance about life in the Northern Territory Outback. The harshness and remoteness of this wide land has created a breed of people with great heart, resilience and strength. We hope to share these experiences and stories of successes and failures, so that you will gain an impression of what life in the outback is all about. Here at Katherine Outback Experience we breed, train and sell working dogs for life on cattle stations and farms throughout Australia. We pride ourselves with superior bloodlines of Border Collies and Australian Kelpies. Our Riverboyne Working Dog Team is a vital part of our show and our family. They love their morning and evening runs as well as the attention they get from visitors to the show! The Team is constantly changing as younger pups move up the ranks and older dogs move on to working life on cattle and sheep stations throughout Australia. We often have puppies for guests to cuddle at the end of the show!

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