Melbourne United Basketball Club

When the National Basketball League (NBL) launched in 1979 as a 10-team league, there were just two Victorian teams in the competition; the St Kilda Saints and Nunawading Spectres. Within five years, there were six Victorian clubs in the league, which had expanded to 16 teams, underlining the strength of Australia’s traditional basketball heartland.

Now Melbourne United is one of two NBL teams in the state and respectfully acknowledges each of the previous Victorian NBL teams who have been before it.

In 2014, the difficult decision was made by the Melbourne Tigers ownership to rename and refocus the club, becoming Melbourne United. It was a decision that evoked angst and emotion, but it was a decision taken after long, relentless and thorough research, and in the best interests of Victorian and Melbourne basketball.

Melbourne United is here to make basketball better for everyone, here to create and forge its own lasting legacy and history. United represent all of the past clubs and unite Melbourne’s basketball-loving public.


30 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park Victoria 3206

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