Tahune Airwalk

Huon Valley Tahune Airwalk is located at the Forest and Heritage Centre near Geeveston, and is one of Tassie’s great experiences. The Airwalk takes you through the treetops of a eucalyptus forest at a 3 storey height above the forest floor, allowing you a birds-eye view of the tree species and forest life. Tahune AirWalk is a steel structure which is 620 metres long reaching up to 45 metre above the forest floor. The highlight is an extension over the Huon River (pictured above). It is a bit scary walking this last bit as it moves! You can also fly like an eagle in a hang glider attached to a 220-metre cable above a 70 metre high forest and the Huon River below. WOW! Nearby, the Hastings Caves State Reserve is a complex of caves and hot springs located about 90 minutes south of Hobart. There are 45-minute tours through the caves, although the highlight for kids can be the pool fed by the thermal streams. It is a steamy 28 degrees. Close to here you will find Ida Bay Railway (inside back cover) that travels along the banks of Ida Bay. It terminates at Deep Hole and Elliott’s Beach where there is a shelter with BBQ facilities, picnic tables, and toilets. Enjoy some time at the beach with family or friends and catch a later train back to the station. Farther on is Cockle Creek, the farthest south that one can drive in Australia, with its beautiful bay of sapphire-blue water fringed with pure white sand. WORTH A LOOK! Huon Valley Mid Winter Fest – If you haven’t sung to an apple tree whilst banging pots and pans by firelight lately, head to the Huon Valley to celebrate the regions apple picking history and join in the ages-old tradition of wassailing – basically scaring nasties out of the orchard’s cider trees to ensure a bumper autumn crop.


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