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That VR Joint

Virtual Reality has arrived, and you can now try the best this new medium has to offer. That VR Joint is where you can access many Virtual Reality experiences. You name it, we’ll be showing it; whilst using the latest in state of the art gear to experience it like never before. Virtual Reality gaming is our main thing; Play the games you have read about, or the ones you never thought you could try. Experience new releases and try out some of the best content around. We offer Social VR; where you can interact with other people and even share activities or play against one another in sporting or animated games. Anyone fancy a game of local multiplayer Pong?? There is also Cinematic VR; Instead of viewing a movie from “over there”, get a new perspective. Get inside the movie, be surrounded by the content and become immersed. The viewing experience isn’t as long as a feature film but does cover documentaries, experiences and far-away places from around the world, short films and animations. The Virtual Reality cinema is where everyone can try something they never would in real life and travel to locations you never thought possible. We offer pop-up locations, mobile deployments and a dedicated cinema-café-arcade in one, so we can cover all of your virtual reality needs. You come to us, or we’ll come to you. We will take bookings for events, product launches or to provide educational or corporate experiences. There is Virtual Reality content to engage every type of user, we have the skills and hardware to show it to you.

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