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Perth Cities’ Best Playgrounds for Fun Activities

Are you confused in kids’ things to do in Perth? So don’t worry Perth City is blessed to have parks and playgrounds galore for fun activities. From your local street park/playground to some of the most brilliantly architecturally designed ones you have ever seen. You will always be able to keep the kids entertained and encourage them to do fun things. Here is a detailed list of our top 10 that you will need to visit. The kids will love you for it!

  • Blaxland Avenue Playground, Two Rocks – A cool small suburban playground, with the coolest feature being the big cubby house! Climb up the rope and cross the rope tunnel to go between the two cubbies. There is also a birdsnest swing and sand pit as well as a big picnic shelter.
  • Reflection Boulevarde, Eden Beach, Jindalee – The playground is located on the forshore in Jindalee and is covered in colour! It has a playground full of shapes and cubes with fireman poles. It is also home to a huge slide and the only way to get to the top is to …. Climb!! The playground has climbing nets, sand pits and areas for you to relax whilst the kids run amok!
  • Mueller Playground, Kitchener Park, Subiaco – A toddlers paradise. This playground is designed for the little ones, with more of a sensory play focus. There is a wooden ramp between the trees and a slide back down as well as water play areas, wooden balance beams, climbing frame and more. You won’t be able to get the kids to leave!
  • Pirate Ship Playground, Heathcote Reserve, Applecross – Before you see the playground you see the beautiful view, as this playground sits high over the Swan River. The playground is obviously shaped as a pirate ship which is something unique for a suburban playground. There are ramps, slides, caves and tunnels throughout to keep the kids entertained for hours!
  • Volcano Playground, Belmont Faulkner Park, Cloverdale – This playground has something for everyone, from the little ones to the bigger ones. The big volcano will keep them happy for hours with slides and ramps, as well as swings and play equipment. To top it all off the volcano explodes (well just steam, water vapour) out the top every 20 minutes … cool!!!
  • Synergy Parkland, Kings Park, Perth – As it is located in Kings Park there is plenty of space to run around and burn that energy, but this park has some interesting features. Kids love dinosaurs? This is the place, with model dinosaurs that they can climb on and play with. It also is home to two different playgrounds. Both are wooden structures, one elevated and one featuring a water mist. Hours of entertainment sorted!
  • Quarry Adventure Park, Meadow Springs – This park has so much to do the kids will be moving from playground to playground. The main playground has a huge slide down the side of a rock, which kids have to climb ropes to get to the top (well there is stairs too). The park has BBQs and soft play areas, as well as smaller little play areas, so exploring the whole park is key.
  • Newhaven Robot Park, Piara Waters – Kids love robots? Well this is the park for them. It has been created in a way to depict a robot, which the kids can climb all over! It has nature play, equipment and water play. Hop inside the robots head, or climb throughout the body – you will be here for hours!
  • Whiteman Park Playground, Whiteman Park – This is one fantastic park! Apart from all the things you can see and do within the park itself, the playgrounds are going to be on the must do list. The main playground is fully fenced and has things to do for kids of all ages, but the one the kids will keep begging to go back to is the Mini Water Playground. A wading pool and water spouts, the kids will have the time of their lives.
  • Adventurescape, Austin Lakes, South Yunderup – A little further away from town (15 mins from Mandurah), this has to be one of the coolest playgrounds going around. The playground is farm inspired and the most striking feature is the windmill slide that is 8.5 meters tall! Dotted throughout the playground is things that you would normally see at a farm, like, tractors, fencing, tyres and statue animals that the kids can play with. Flying foxes, swings, climbing structures, rope courses and a smaller slide in the shape of a pig are also located within the park. This one is certainly going to be a hit with the kids and they will be asking to go back everyday!

We hope this top 10 has helped a little in ideas of playgrounds to take the kids to on a nice day to get them in the fresh air and playing whilst you have a relax! Some you may have known about, others not so much. But get out there and start exploring.


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