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The Best Playgrounds And Parks For Kids In Melbourne

There are plenty of parks and playgrounds around Melbourne for kids to do lots of fun activities and things, so you will always be able to find somewhere to keep them entertained. But …. here is a detailed list of the top 5 that you NEED to visit. Trust me, the kids will love it.


Royal Park Nature Play –Parkville There is so much to see and do here. The kids will love the variety of activities. A ropes course and horizontal logs and ladders as well as a rope net are situated in the center of the park. The rope course is set at different heights, so the kids can decide how brave they are. The park hosts three slides, one steep, one curly and one short and steep! There is a water play area, huge log structures and sandpit. To top it all off, there is a massive hill, so have fun watching the kids roll down the hill and running back up – a great way to get them to burn their energy!!

St Kilda Adventure Playground – St Kilda This playground is full of play areas including a big aeroplane, big wooden horse, trampolines, a huge tree for climbing, as well as, slides, chook house, cubby house, flying fox, climbing frames and more. The kids will love the big wooden castle with lots of hiding spots, so a game of hide and seek is certainly on the cards!!

Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden – Melbourne This garden is a perfect place for the kids to get dirty in the garden. The kitchen garden is an interesting feature with a range of fruits, vegetable and herbs. There are plant tunnels where the children can run around. The garden has a bamboo forest, ruin garden and a meeting place. The meeting place is lined with water sprouts from the ground – so bathers are a must in summer.

Thomas Street Reserve – Hampton This playground is the best of the best in wooden playgrounds. It has a whole lot of different levels, cubby holes, walkways, flying foxes, slides, fireman’s pole and monkey bars. There are BBQ’s and shaded tables – so take along a picnic to enjoy in the lovely natural setting.

Bundoora Park – Bundoora The largest green play space in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, Bundoora Park, is a place where the kids will want to keep going back. There are two playgrounds which have a range of equipment for all ages. The wooden maze is an exciting and entertaining part of the park, with an unexpected animal (not real) waiting at the end! But the best part about the whole park is the farm (costs a little to enter). With a range of animals to pat and hold, the kids will LOVE it.

These are sure to keep the kids happy and out of your hair for a little while, not to mention tiring them out so that bed time, or nap time, is going to be sooner rather than later! Enjoy 🙂