Here Comes the Grump
Director – Andrés Couturier
Main Cast – Toby Kebbell, Lily Collins, Ian McShane
Genre – Adventure, Animation, Comedy
Run Time – 97 min
Release Date – 01 Aug 2019
Balloon kingdoms, dopey police dragons and happy wizards are exactly how terry remembered his grandmother’s whacky fairy tales. Except they are real and it’s definitely not as ‘cheerful.’


: Shane Hegarty
Edition: 1
Publisher: Hachette Australia
ISBN: 9781444949360
Age: 7+
Series: BOOT
Format: PaperBack
Category: Children’s Fiction
Publication Date: 14/05/2019
Pages: 240
For fans of WALL-E and Toy Story, comes a heart-warming, humorous adventure about a young robot trying to find its way home. Beautifully illustrated throughout, BOOT is a special book you will want to treasure and share. When toy robot, Boot, wakes up at a scrapyard, it has no idea how it got there and why it isn’t with its owner, Beth. It only has two and a half glitchy memories, but it knows it was loved, which means something important to humans. Boot soon realises its emotions make it different to other robots, who just function and don’t think. Boot is scared but tries to be brave, which is hard when its screen keeps showing a wobbly, worried face. Luckily Boot meets Noke and Red – other ‘advanced’ robots who have learned to survive in secret. With its new friends by its side, Boot is determined to find Beth and the gang set off on a dangerous adventure. Everything Boot thought it knew about the world is changing and things aren’t as simple as it remembers . . . BOOT is a story that will take you by surprise and make you think about the world around you.


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