Polar Bear Masks                                 Supplies needed: Paper plate White tissue paper School glue White cardstock paper Empty plastic fruit cup White acrylic paint Black marker Large black pom-pom Glue gun (adult use only) Craft knife (adult use only) Scissors Steps
  • The most difficult part about making polar bear masks are making the holes in the paper plate for the eyes. Trace a small circle for the eyes and then use a craft knife to cut them out. This step must be done by an adult.
  • For the snout use an empty plastic fruit cup. Use the fruit cup to make the ears by tracing it onto a piece of white card stock paper, cutting it out and then cutting the circle in half. This makes the two ears.
  • Paint the clear fruit cups with white acrylic paint and let them dry completely. They may require 2 coats of paint.
  • While the snout is drying, put school glue onto a section of the paper plate and then place white crumpled tissue paper squares all over the glue. Do this on every section until the paper plate is covered.
  • Next glue the ears to the back of the paper plate.
  •  Once the snout is dry, draw a bear mouth on the bottom of the cup with a black permanent marker.
  • Use a glue gun to run glue around the bottom rim of the cup and glue it down onto the polar bear face. Also use the hot glue gun to glue on the black pom nose. (Adult supervision required with use of a hot glue gun.
  • To finish the mask, simply punch holes onto the sides of the paper plate and tie a knot on each end with a piece of string or yarn.