Fall Leaf Wreath

Create this beautiful and easy-to-make fall leaf wreath using paper leaves. 1   Materials
  • Paper in various colors
  • Large paper plate or cardboard
  • White glue
  • Scissors
  • String or ribbon
  1. Prepare the frame.
Create the wreath’s round frame out of a paper plate or cardboard.
  • Paper plate – cut a hole at the center of a large paper plate. Widen the hole until the frame is only about 1 to 1½ inches wide.
  • Cardboard – Draw and cut out a large circle from cardboard. Draw a slightly smaller circle at the center and cut it out.
  1. Attach a string.
Tie a length of string or ribbon around the frame. This will allow you to hang the wreath. 2
  1. Make the paper leaves.
Make 20 or more paper leaves following any of the options below. Make the leaves uniform in shape and size or go for more variety.
  • Printable leaves – print out any of these leaf templates on red, yellow, orange, and brown A4 or Letter size paper. Cut out each leaf.
  • Fold and cut leaves – this is a great way for kids to learn about symmetry and practice scissors skills. Fold paper in half and cut out half-a-leaf shape along the folded edge. Unfold the paper to reveal the leaf.
Make several leaves all at once by layering 2 or more pieces of paper before folding and cutting them together. 3b
  • Use real leaves – go for a walk and collect fall leaves with various shapes. Trace around each leaf onto colored paper to make leaf outlines. Cut out each leaf outline.
You can also try something different by making leaf prints or leaf rubbings on paper. Make sure to provide ample space between each leaf print or rubbing. Cut each one out. 3c
  1. Glue the leaves onto the frame.
Glue each leaf onto the frame, overlapping the leaves as you go. 4 Continue gluing the paper leaves until you’ve covered the entire frame. 4a To make a lush wreath, glue smaller leaves in between larger ones. Once happy with how your wreath looks, set it aside to dry. 4b
  1. Hang the wreath.
Finally, hang your beautiful wreath! 5