3D Paper Tree


Create a three-dimensional paper tree using our printable tree templates. Make one for each season of the year!


Brown card stock (medium to heavy weight)

Light weight green paper or paper in fall colors (red, yellow, orange)

Scoring tool (e.g. blunt plastic knife, spent ballpoint pen)





Print out the templates.

Print out any of these tree trunk templates on brown A4 or Letter size card stock to come up with four identical trees.

Small tree trunk templates – print out 2 copies

Medium-sized tree trunk templates – print out 4 copies

Large tree trunk templates – print out 4 copies


Cut out the trees.

Cut out all four tree trunks.*For the large tree trunk templates, the tree consists of two sections—a top (with branches) and a bottom. Cut out both pieces. Join them together by gluing the top onto the tab area of the bottom piece.

2 2_1

Score along the middle line.

This step is necessary if you print out the trees in heavy card stock. Scoring along the line makes folding a lot easier. Find a scoring tool such as a blunt plastic knife or a spent ballpoint pen. Place the edge of a ruler on the tree’s middle line. With the ruler to guide the tool, score along the entire line. Do not score too hard as this may tear the paper. Do this for all the trees.


Fold each tree in half. Fold each tree along the middle line.


Glue the trees by pairs. Glue two trees together along one half side, aligning them along the edges.


Similarly glue the two remaining trees together.


Assemble the 3D paper tree. Glue both paper tree pairs together, aligning them along the edges.


Your four-sided 3D paper tree should be able to stand on a flat surface.


Make the paper leaves.

Use light weight paper to keep the branches from sagging from the weight of the leaves. To create several paper leaves all at once:

Cut a strip of paper. The strip’s width defines the leaf width.

Fold the strip in half several times until the folded height is about your desired leaf length.

Fold the paper lengthwise in half.

Cut half-a-leaf shape along the folded edge


Unfold the paper to reveal several leaves. Make enough leaves to cover your tree.


Glue the leaves.

Start gluing the leaves onto the branches.


Continue gluing more leaves until you’re happy with how your tree looks.