Terracotta Pot Dinosaur


This dinosaur looks green and scary but he’s actually quite fragile in the middle. Learn about prehistoric creatures while you create this cute character and then put him on display for the whole world to see!


Use ceramic & terracotta markers to add colour to your terracotta pot to create the body for your dinosaur. Allow to dry.


Paint a decofoam ball green. Allow to dry.


Use glue to attach the decofoam ball to the base of your terracotta pot to create a head for your dinosaur. Allow to dry.


Fold a piece of green adhesive felt in half and cut out two tail shapes.


Peel back the paper backing of the adhesive felt. Pull from each tip leaving 1cm still covered.


Stick the two pieces of adhesive felt together. Do not peel back the remaining paper backing just yet.


Peel the remaining paper backing and use the adhesive tabs you have created to stick the tail to the back of your dinosaur.


Repeat this process to create spikes down your dinosaur’s back.


Add facial details to your dinosaur with felt, wiggle eyes and a marker. Attach with glue.