NATURE DRAGONFLY CRAFT dragonfly-final Go on a nature walk and collect the materials you need to create this sparkly and colorful dragonfly craft. Materials:
  • Small twig
  • 2 maple tree propeller seeds (dried out)
  • Aqua colored paint (or choose a color of paint you would like to use)
  • Glitter glue (color of your choice)
  • Paintbrush
  • Small black beads or stones
  • Paper plate
  • Tacky glue or glue gun (glue gun requires adult assistance)
Instructions Pour a small amount of paint on your paper plate and paint your small twig. Set it aside to dry completely. Wash off your paintbrush. 1 Squeeze a line of glitter glue across your maple seeds and use your paint brush to cover your seeds with the glitter glue. Let the glitter glue dry completely. 2 Once the paint on your twig is dry, use your tacky glue or a hot glue gun to glue your small black beads onto the end of your twig for the dragonfly eyes. 3 Once your glitter glue is dry, use your tacky glue or a hot glue gun to attach your maple seed wings onto your dragonfly. 4 Now have fun flying around your shimmery Dragonfly! What other crafts can you create from things found in nature?