A bundle of ‘Joey’ – National Zoo & Aquarium

The National Zoo & Aquarium and Jamala Wildlife Lodge are excited to announce the birth and naming of a beautiful Koala joey, Namadgi.
The public were able to submit their naming suggestions to the Zoo’s Facebook page, where Namadgi was chosen.
Namadgi is the first Koala to be born here at the National Zoo & Aquarium, to mum Matilda and dad Bailey. Matilda has been a doting mum from the start and attended to Namadgi’s every need.
Join us to celebrate this special occasion with interviews available with senior staff members.

Koala Information
Koalas are not bears! They are marsupials, which mean that their young are born immature and continue to develop in the
safety of a pouch. Koalas are most active at night; however the majority of their activities, including feeding occur just after
sunset. During the day, koalas can sleep for up to 20 hours in the fork of a tree to conserve energy.
Following the devastating bushfires earlier this year, Koalas need our help now more than ever before. There were serious
declines in Koala numbers, with many taken into hospital and care throughout these times. Prior to the start of the bushfires,
Koalas were classified as vulnerable. Whilst the exact figures are still being calculated, there is a likelihood this status may need
to be reassessed.

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