Alice Springs Camel Cup: 2018

And it came from a good old Aussie bet! I have had a feud with Lion Keith Mooney–Smith for some considerable time and I feel it is time we settled it. So I challenge him to a duel, weapons being camels. Time and place I leave this up to him. That is if he is not chicken as he is getting that fat I doubt if he can sit on one; a good suggested time for this grudge race would be Centenary Celebrations…. Yours sincerely “Lion Noel” The first Camel Race was run in 1970 in the dry Todd River Bed as a bet between two mates, Noel Fullerton and Keith Mooney-Smith, and was an added attraction at the Alice Springs Centenary Year Celebrations. The Camel race proved so popular and hilarious that plans were made by the Lions Club to hold the event on an annual basis. The first permanent venue was Traeger Park, but low fences and a grass track were thought to be too dangerous, so in 1975 the event was moved to Arunga Park Speedway.

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