An “Otterly” Adorable Addition – National Zoo & Aquarium

The National Zoo & Aquarium and Jamala Wildlife Lodge are excited to announce the birth and naming of three adorable Asian Small-clawed Otter pups, one girl and two boys.
Otter Pups Josey, Chester and Basil are the first to be born here at the National Zoo to Mum Pai and Dad Bal.
The pups are growing well under the watchful eye of their caring parents. Pai and Bal have taught the pups how to swim and forage for food in their enclosure.
Join us to celebrate this special occasion with interviews available with senior staff members.

Asian Small-clawed Otter Information
The Asian Small-clawed Otter is the smallest otter in the world. When fully grown, these otters measure approximately 0.9 m
from nose to tail tip and weigh up to 5 kg, compared to a Giant Otter which can reach lengths of up to 1.7 meters. Asian Small clawed Otters are also differentiated from other Otters by their partially-webbed limbs and nimble fingers.
Throughout Asia, the Otter’s habitat is being taken over by agriculture such as rice fields. Even in rice fields, the Otters still
forage for food and their persistence in finding it leads to farmers perceiving them as pests. Due to this ongoing habitat loss and
pollution, the Asian small-clawed Otter is now listed as vulnerable to extinct.

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