Arrival of a gorgeous Giraffe Calf – National Zoo & Aquarium

The National Zoo & Aquarium and Jamala Wildlife Lodge are excited to announce the birth of our first male Giraffe calf.
The calf was born to mum Mzungu and dad Shaba, and is a younger sibling to Kebibi and Nzuri.
The calf is growing well and venturing out onto the Savannah under the watchful eye of his family at just over two weeks old.

Giraffe Fun Facts:
The giraffe (Giraffe Camelopardalis) is the world’s tallest living land mammal – capable of growing in excess of 5 metres
and well known for its distinctive long neck and prehensile tongue.
The gestation period for a giraffe averages at 15 months, and it is very difficult to tell if a female giraffe is pregnant until
she is in her final few months.
Giraffe spend majority of their time standing upright, sleeping and even giving birth in this position.
Infants are capable of standing within half an hour of birth, and incredibly are able to run just ten hours after birth.
Although these tall animals may seem lumbering and slow, they can actually run exceptionally fast, capable of reaching speeds in excess of 55km/h – though only in short bursts. If a giraffe was to run for an extended period of time, the average speed it can achieve would be closer to 15km/h.

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