Auscarts racing – Arrive and Drive

Auscarts Indoor Racing is a state of the art go karting centre with karts reaching speeds of 60kph. Feel the adrenalin as you race around a 450 Mtr track. Auscarts Is the Only Place to Race in Melbourne! Challenge the clock and your friends, fly around the track at top speed, with unparalleled safety and personal control. Emulate formula one heroes in the comfort of the indoor track.   People are looking at Activities to do which link in racing and (going fast). I think this would be great.   Run only on Sundays and Monday $1 per laps for a minimum of 40 laps or more 40 Laps – $40 25 Minutes of Racing 50 Laps – $50 30 Minutes of Racing 60 Laps – $60 35 Minutes of Racing

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  • redbull13