BE CROCWISE – This Wet Season

Crocodiles love the Top End! They can be found living in all kinds of waterways: shallow ones, deep ones, ones with lilies on top, muddy ones, and ones where we like to fish and swim. Rangers from the Parks and Wildlife crocodile management team are kept very busy removing crocodiles from areas close to where humans live because crocs are common. There are 75,000 – 100,000 crocodiles in the Top End, that’s a lot – that’s more than the population of Darwin or ten times the population of Katherine! You can find two types of crocdiles here in the Top End: saltwater crocodiles also known as “salties” and freshwater crocodiles also known as “freshies”. That saltwater name is a tricky one. Don’t let it confuse you though because salties can also be found in freshwater. Crocodiles can be found in any Top End waterway at any time because crocs move around. They might be looking for food, a mate or new territory. Crocodiles move around easily in the wet season because lots of rain means the rivers, creeks and billabongs start to join together – It’s like a super highway for crocodiles! So be careful when you’re near the water because crocs are deadly. They can grow really big and are excellent hunters. Some deadly features include Big powerful jaws that snap shut Another set of eyelids to help see underwater A great sense of smell Ability to sense movement in the water through their skin A strong tail to move quickly in and out of water So remember to BE CROCWISE if you’re near the water and only swim in managed swimming areas. Warning signs are there for your safety. If you can remember all these messages, then you will BE CROCWISE. If you would like to learn more about how to BE CROCWISE, the Territory Wildlife Park are offering BE CROCWISE activities in the aquarium on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm during the wet season.

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