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Our health and fitness program Activate is back in 2020 with some changes to the program. 

The program still offers Palmerston and rural participants a taste of the range of physical activities available in the community, catering for all fitness levels and abilities.

This year Activate will run in 3 x 8-week blocks, with an 8-week break in between each block. A $20 registration fee or $10 with concession per block is required to be able to participate in the program.4,700 street and public lights throughout Palmerston will be replaced with smart LED luminaires as part of the Council’s Accelerated Smart LED Street and Public Lighting Replacement Program.  

This replacement program has the potential to be transformational project for the City by reducing power expenditure and improving liveability via the range of benefits that would result from LED lighting and smart controls over traditional lighting. 

Smart controls will also be fitted, allowing Council to manage the lighting in real-time through software, which will know whether each light is operational when fixed, provide asset management and maintenance data, and remotely dim or brighten lighting.

The project will provide savings after associated costs, in the order of magnitude of $2.59 million in savings over 12 years which will be utilized to improve lighting in the City.

How to Join?

Participants can register online at the link below from Monday 20 January at 9.00am. Please note, you will not be able to register prior to this date.


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