City of Boroondara – Kids: Find Your Own Groove + Saca La Mois DJ!!

Spring school holidays are here so it’s time to shake those sillies out. But first! Find Your Own Groove is a DJ and electronic music workshop for kids and adults led by DJs and electronic music producers Moses Iten (Cumbia Cosmonauts) and Bryan Phillips (Galambo). Investigate the creative process of music production, DJing and experiment with sound design to unveil your own sounds and find your groove. All types of budding musicians, producers and music lovers are welcome. No previous experience or specialist equipment required to participate. And then Saca La Mois DJ!! Bringing a global dancefloor tracks, Saca La Mois DJ!! (a.k.a. Moses Iten) is here for everyone’s D-floor pleasure. Grab Mum, Dad, Grandma, Bob from down the road for this all-ages dance off to music from around the world. Moses is a Melbourne-based DJ who has toured all over Australia and the world including New Zealand, Europe, United Arab Emirates, USA and Mexico. His mixes have been commissioned by national radio in Australia (ABC RN), Germany (Funkhaus Europa), Austria (FM4), and is a frequent guest DJ on Melbourne’s top music radio stations. Recommended for all ages.

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