City of Melbourne – Cerita Anak (Child’s Story)

Presented as part of Arts Centre Melbourne’s Asia TOPA, Cerita Anak (Child’s Story) takes pre-school children and their adults on a sea journey never to be forgotten. Climb aboard and be rocked and rolled across a strange ocean, dive to the bottom of the sea, hear stories on the wind and in the currents of the water, and face great danger before coming to safe harbour. Combining puppetry, song, shadow imagery and sound, the show bustles with all the life of the ocean – from the fish below to the birds above – while evoking the majesty and mystery of the sea itself. Empowering its young audience as they navigate the high seas, Cerita Anak is also a timely reflection of the refugee experience and the history of our region. Cerita Anak was in part developed in a fishing village north of Java, where Melbourne’s Polyglot Theatre and Indonesia’s Papermoon Theatre worked with local children to create this exquisite encounter. Recommended for ages 2-5. The development of Cerita Anak (Child’s Story) was supported by the Commonwealth through the Australia-Indonesia Institute of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, ArtPlay’s New Ideas Lab, City of Melbourne, Arts Centre Melbourne, Playking Foundation, Creative Partnerships Australia and Polyglot’s generous donors.

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