City of Melbourne – Touch and Go

Touch and Go invites two-year-old children and their adults into a special interactive performance game. Take a breath and view a playful world of shapes and pathways, stepping stones and lines, with two friendly dancers and a live guitarist. Playful enticements to become part of the performance themselves invite the children to take part or observe, venture out or stay close, touch and go – just as they need to. From the team that brought This (Baby) Life and Nursery to ArtPlay, this brand new performance work is a dancing game of cause and effect, carefully created to be alive and responsive to this powerful and hands-on age group – the mighty two-year-old! Each child must be accompanied by one adult. Wed: 10am – 10.40am, noon – 12.40pm Thu: 10am – 10.40am, noon – 12.40pm Fri: 10am – 10.40am, noon – 12.40pm Sat: 10am – 10.40am, noon – 12.40pm, 2pm – 2.40pm

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