Dog Lover’s Show

Royal Exhibition transforms into the most pawsome place on earth Do you hear that? That sound is the high-pitched squeal of Melburnians planning their annual visit to the Dog Lovers Show. For dog owners, the dog show is the perfect opportunity to meet fellow crazy dog people and for aspiring dog owners, the event is a great chance to live vicariously through those lucky enough to have a furry pal in their lives. This year, the event will cater to both parties with a packed program. Lots of Dog Lovers Show favorites are coming back including the Breed Showcase, where more than 40 breeds will be on show to educate the public on the unique traits of each breed from huge Mastiffs to sweet Finnish Lapphunds. Your day will be made at the popular Pat-a-Pooch Zone, where visitors of all ages can meet some new furry friends, and at the Insta-Pooch Zone where social media’s most famous pups will front the pup-parazzi and meet their adoring fans. Dock Dogs is one for the aquatic pooches, where dogs compete to make the biggest leaps and fastest fetches in a massive swimming pool. Reminding dog lovers that it’s always better to adopt and not shop, rescue groups will come together at the Pedigree Rescue Dog Zone to help Melbourne’s pooches find loving forever homes. Royal Exhibition Building & Carlton Gardens, Head to the Dog Lovers Show website for more information.

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