Flinders council – Flinders Island Lions Club Fishing Competition

Lots of prizes! Sponsorsl Sharp Airlines & lsland Fuel Supplies as well as local & Launceston businesses.   Competition Species: Flathead, Black Back Salmon, Shatk, Cocky Salmon, Pike, Ludprick, Snapper, Flounder,   Competition Rules: Points system to be used All fish to be gutted & gilled prior to weigh-in After weish-in fish to be beheaded Entrants to nominate only one fish for each species ie. one fish /one prize Only rod & reelor handline tp be used Fish must be caught on day gf competition All entrants to present ticketp at weigh-in All entrants enter competitiqn at own risk All boats to satisfy Boating & Safety regulations All entrants to adhere to Parfs & wildlife regulations and bag & size limits Fishing is open to North Eaqt River & beaches outside – however fishing from boats outside the river is not permitted & diving for fish will not be allowed NB Parks & Wildlife Service requests that entrants respect all Crown lands, private & leasehold rights. Lighting of fires is not permitted and vehicles are prohibited on North East River Game Reserve. Silver Trevally, Yellowtail, Gummy Wrasse, Tailor, Mullet

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