Frankston City Council – Motoring Heritage Day

The National Motoring Heritage Day (NMHD) was developed at the Annual General Meeting of the Australian Motoring Federation (AHMF). The aim was to promote and display Australia’s strong motoring heritage and also show the community, business and government the strength of the Australian motoring movement. It is most fortunate that the Australian climate has been relatively kind to old motor vehicles and a varied range of early vehicles from Europe and North America still exist – some of which are believed to be the last remaining!

After much consideration in the AHMF, the NMHD was chosen to be the third Sunday in May each year and to be adopted in all Australian States and territories. The choice of this day would avoid any conflict with Mother’s Day and allow Clubs to plan local events well ahead.

All motoring clubs are encouraged to participate in the event because, without promotion of our hobby, government and community support may gradually fade and concessional registration schemes may be lost.

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