Ice Skating Tasmania – General Skating Sessions

Skating sessions  are available to all members of the public. There is no need to make a booking for a general public session, unless you are a large group. Come along and enjoy some fun on the ice, sit back and relax with a hot cuppa or have a game of pool whilst overlooking the ‘on ice’ activity! During our public sessions we offer a number of activities. On selected days we have snow play for the children, speed skating for those with a need for speed and ‘on ice’ games. There are also skating aids for all ages. We have penguins and seals (for the little ones) and skate frames. Both are very handy for the inexperienced skater.   Penguins & Seals:  $10 hire, $5 refund when returned.  Cash and credit card accepted. Frames:  $5 hire, $3 refund when returned.  Cash and credit card accepted. Wednesday: 2-3.30pm, 3.45-4.30pm (half price  budget session) Thursday: 2-3.30pm Friday: 2-3.30pm, 3.45-4.30pm (half price budget session) and 8-10pm (2 hour disco with DJ (when available), latest music, disco lights and fog machine) Saturday: 10-11.30am, 2-3.30pm and 8-10pm Sunday:10-11.30am, 2-3.30pm   Discount Deals: 2 adults and 2 children or 1 Adult and 3 children ($60) (not available with any other offer: for example, the entertainment vouchers) Size 5-8 double bladed boot – half price ($7.50) – no refunds given. Our holiday sessions are different so check them out before planning a visit during school break.

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