Moonlit Welcomes New Dingo Pups – Moonlite Sancturay

Melbourne’s award-winning wildlife park, Moonlit Wildlife Sanctuary, is alive with the pitter-patter of little paws this week after welcoming two seven-week-old alpine dingoes.Puppy school for dingoes is a little different from what your average baby canine attends and without having visitors to help the young animals interact with humans, the entire Moonlit team is involved to get them accustomed to being around people.
Life Sciences Manager, Lisa Tuthill said, “We can’t wait to share these two new additions to the Sanctuary with our visitors once COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted but until then we’re all pulling together to make sure there’s always a staff member with them ready to play! Luckily, it’s such a fun job that we’ve had no complaints”, she added.
Like most pups, they love to play and enjoy a bit of rough and tumble. They play just like regular puppies and are into everything they can possibly reach.Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, the public will be able to enjoy a close-up play date with this awesome pawsome. Puppy Encounters will be available to visitors but numbers will be limited.
Name the Puppies We’re running a competition to find the perfect names for these adorable little dingoes. All Moonlit dingoes are named with a fire theme after our very first dingoes, Ember and Ash. We now have Scorch, Blaze, Amber and Cinder. Click below with your ideas for both the male and female pup and you could win a double pass to come and meet this awesome pawsome. The white pup is female and the darker one is male.
Prize includes daytime Sanctuary entry for 2, 2 x dingo pup encounters, dingo puppy adoption and a dingo plush toy. The prize can be redeemed once we re-open and is valid for 4 months from that date. Competition closes at 5pm Thursday, 30th July.

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