Perth Zoo – Winter School Holidays

Calling all Wildlife Superheroes, we need YOU!   The time has come for you to don your capes, secure your masks and head down to Perth Zoo headquarters.   Once you arrive, you will hear all about our animal superheroes and discover their superpowers. Did you know that tree kangaroos can leap up to 18 meters? Or the red panda has a false sixth thumb?!   Even our zoo keepers have secret superhero powers. John may look like a normal every day zoo keeper, but did you know he also works in Africa helping to save painted dogs?   Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to follow the Wildlife Superhero trail, find all the answers and help Perth Zoo save wildlife. There will also be fun activities and awesome crafts where you can even make your own wildlife superhero costume.   Until then young Wildlife Superheroes, keep loving our animals and……… Save Wildlife!

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