School Holidays at Scitech

During the upcoming September school holidays, Scitech is getting playful as it continues to celebrate its 30thbirthday with a raft of activities for families to learn, explore and play with Science together. It’s time for parents to show their children what gaming was like when they were young, with Scitech’s Golden Years of Video Gaming Arcade. Including favourites from Nintendo, Sega, Atari and PlayStation families can test out their skills together and explore how gaming skills and technology has developed through the ages. Step into the giant board games arena to work on your problem solving and patterning skills and to understand the nature of chance. Families can challenge each other on oversized games such as Snakes and Ladders, Jenga, Connect Four and Chess. Explore the technology, science and wonder of light in Scitech’s feature exhibition Playing with Light in the BHP Exhibition Gallery where you can dip, duck and dive through a high security laser maze, paint with infrared or step inside a giant kaleidoscope. In the Science Theatre, Ignite Your Curiosity showcases a collection of thrilling phenomena to take audiences on a chemical fuelled journey of discovery. Teach a machine learning ‘computer’ how to play a game of Noughts & Crosses on the weekend. Special lectures and demonstrations will be taking place from local video and board game designers amongst others. The CSIRO Lab Workshops have something for everyone these holidays, from coding with micro:bits, designing your own Halloween costumes using electroluminescent wire, microscopic monsters and much more.

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