Sovereign Hill – Summer School Holidays

Things are heating up at Sovereign Hill this January as the law-makers struggle to maintain law and order. Timothy Hayes, a rebel and ringleader, has been accused of treason for his participation in the Eureka Rebellion. The authorities want him arrested and prosecuted, but others believe he should be freed. These school holidays at Sovereign Hill, visitors will become jurors as they debate and decide the fate of this man. The Trial of Timothy Hayes will provide visitors with the chance to re-write history, as they get to sit of the jury during this explosive trial, ask questions of the witnesses and defendants, and will need to decide whether he and his men are guilty. Will their verdict differ from those of 160 years ago? Based on the Eureka Rebellion, each day at Sovereign Hill, visitors can be a part of the trial of Timothy Hayes. Learning about the Eureka Rebellion and the events leading up to this fateful event (including the thirteen diggers who were charged with treason), visitors young and old can see history come to life in this mock trial. Visitors will witness first hand mass license hunts, be able to create their own personalised ‘Wanted’ posters and find out what it takes to be a British Redcoat Soldier in the 1850s. In addition, all of the usual school holidays activities will keep visitors entertained daily.  From searching for gold in the creek to going on an underground mine tour, from watching boiled sweets get made to trying your hand at writing with ink and nib in an 1850s school, come and spend a day in the life of the people you would have met on the goldfields…including miners like Timothy Hayes!

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