Spring At Longford – Northern Midlands Council

Plenty of great reasons to go outside and play at Longford this spring.
A fantastic electronic playground, catering for big and little kids, combining the joy of outside play with technology. Climb and swing, and play 13 electronic games that test your agility, memory, and balance.
There’s a playground for dogs too. The Longford Dog Park is a secure off leash area, with agility equipment – tunnels, hurdles, ramps – loads of fun for your furry one. Parking, fresh water, seats and tables.
Try out your tricks at the skatepark. Practice your sprints or ride for fun on the international standard velodrome.
Two amazing World Heritage Listed Convict Sites, Brickendon and Woolmers Estates are the beautiful homes of two brothers from England, William and Thomas Archer. The is a stunning Rose Garden at Woolmers, late spring is the best time to see over 5000 blooms. Open every day, and on 17 Nov come along to the Festival of Roses.
Every Wednesday is The Pure Tour. Go behind the scenes and see how tens of thousands of eggs are laid, washed, packed and sold every day. It’s very high tech!
Two rivers meet at Longford – the Macquarie and the South Esk, so you can enjoy fun water activities. Bring your kayaks or cast a line to catch a trout.
21 & 22 September, come to the Tasmanian Trout Expo at nearby Cressy. A fun family day, with a specially tagged fish worth $10,000 to the lucky person who catches it!

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