Tangled Maze – The Botanical Maze

Getting lost is only half the fun at the Tangled Maze. The two meter high walls will engulf you as you try to navigate your way. You will be confused and you will get lost, but finding your way out will be both challenging and loads of fun. You will test your powers of memory as you try and to solve the mystery trail. The 1.4 km of pathway and 3 kilometers of hedge will keep you guessing as you enter the frustrating dead ends and mysterious loops. The Tangled Maze is not just for kids, this fabulous botanical maze is planted with 1000’s of climbing and twining plants that create the 2m high walls, they are beautifully under planted with hardy perennials along the meandering pathways. From spring to autumn the maze is swathed with clematis, wisteria, jasmine and honeysuckle just to name a few of the plants. The perfume and flowers is an exotic experience in its self and of course the views from the two ramp towers are absolutely breathtaking, casting 360 degrees across the beautiful Central Highlands. The Tangled Maze is a fantastic experience for the whole family.

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