The Enchanted: Odilon Redon Master Prints

WAG, in partnership with Gippsland Art Gallery (GAG) are thrilled to present ‘The Enchanted: Odilon Redon Master Prints’, an
exhibition of lithographs and drawings by the French symbolist master Odilon Redon (1840 – 1916).
The works in this exhibition focus on Redon’s ‘Les Noirs’ (The Blacks) series, monochromatic charcoal drawings and lithographs that use the potency of black to render an inner world of cosmic floating heads, strange plants,
grinning teeth and laughing spiders; a realm where things emerge that cannot be seen in the light.
‘The Enchanted: Odilon Redon Master Prints’ is a rare opportunity to see works by this highly celebrated and internationally significant artist.

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