The Fraternity Club – SplashDance Let’s Bop

SplashDancers Monique, Amber, Adrian and Dan are bringing their brand new show, Let’s Bop, to Wollongong for the very first time! Let’s Bop! will include all the big dancing songs from the smash hit SplashDance TV series. Your kids will be dancing from the get-go to songs including Moving All Together, I Love Bananas, Tiger Roar, Like a Ballerina and Go Go Stop. Dancing is an important form of expression for young children whilst they are still developing their language skills. Movement…and bopping in particular! ….comes so very naturally to even the littlest of groovers. All of the SplashDance songs have been written by John Field (writer of more than 400 hits for The Wiggles) and John is expert at getting children and their parents up and moving. These are fun, cool, upbeat songs that the whole family will love. During the 45 minute show, Monique, Amber, Adrian and Dan share all the key moves to the songs before they launch into their big hits. The show is highly interactive and suitable for children from 12 months to 7 years old. Your family can look forward to plenty of giggles and non-stop dancing. ABOUT SPLASHDANCE SplashDance airs on ABC Kids TV every day straight after Play School. The series has been receiving rave reviews Australia wide for its fresh approach to children’s entertainment. The Sydney Morning Herald described SplashDance as the ‘new cool for preschool’ and broadcasters have already begun airing the series internationally. SplashDance has dance and movement as its focus. Children find dance so very natural and SplashDance encourages this movement through its highly catchy songs and warm engaging SplashDancer presenters. The SplashDance moves are modern and cool, but they are also cleverly simple and age appropriate for 1 – 7 year olds. Meet and Greet: Bring your cameras and phones along with you! Amber, Monique, Dan and Adrian come out after each performance to meet all the little SplashDancers who come along to their concerts.

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