The Monaros and The 2nds

For over twenty years and five albums The Monaros have been
playing simple, gutsy, Aussie rock’n’roll. The band’s strength is that
all three members are song writers and none of them are the same.
Gav, the bassist, is classic 70’s rock, Jack, the drummer, is a punk
rocker, and Ned, the guitarist, writes Aussie rock anthems that
would do surfies, open roads and Ian Moss proud. But if there is one
glue The Monaros have that bugger all other bands do, it’s a strong
sense of Australian humour. Ratbag, ostentatious, wry, pub-bellylaughs lyrics belted out to a great, driving beat. There’s something about that mix. They sing songs about Skase, girls called Mona, 202 Holdens, washed up wrestlers from the Otways, Sharks in the lineup and Wayne Carey’s infidelities, balanced out but the…

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