The Watcher at Kryal Castle

A darkness has descended upon our castle. It’s not up to you to save us, it’s not up to you to banish it. You only need to survive it.
This Halloween Kryal Castle presents a true horror experience that will leave you with permanent tingles. After provisions (savoury canapes served in our Knights Tower) you’ll be sent out into the dark castle grounds in groups of 8-15. Your aim is to solve a series of traps under a time limit, before “It” catches up. Don’t dally. It’s closer than you think.
IF you survive, you will be rewarded with a round of sweet canapes to ease your nerves upon your return to the Medieval Tavern.  You are invited to stay and warm yourself by the fire and calm your nerves with a stiff drink if you choose and welcome the return of the other survivors.
Game Play runs for around 1 hour, please aim to arrive 15 minutes before your chosen session time (7pm-9pm).
Tickets include game play and canapes on arrival and conclusion. Strictly 16+ $79
Beverages available for purchase in the Knights Tower and Medieval Tavern.

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