The Winter School Holidays presents the Knights of Fire at Kryal Caslte

 The Winter School Holidays presents the Knight of Fire at Kryal Castle every day from 10am – 4pm.
Ignite your imagination at Kryal  Castle these school holidays.

Winter is here! Resist hibernating indoors and embrace the season.  Warm up with Knights of Fire – The Festival of Flames at Kryal Castle, Ballarat these school holidays (June 29 – July 14). 
You will be enthralled by our Knights of Fire and Snow Queen Neva.  The highlight of the program will be the spectacular Joust of a fiery clash of flaming lances and swords on Kryal Castle’s main arena daily including World Jousting Champion Phillip Leitch.
Journey through the chambers of the Dragon Labyrinth; get lost in the maze; be enchanted by pantomimes; visit our wizard in his workshop; join in a potion-making workshop; or learn the ancient art of archery.  Attend a puppet-making workshop, or test your skills of combat at Knights Training – where you could learn to be Kryals new hero against the darkest depths of winter’s powerful forces.
Warm yourself at one of the braziers around the grounds as you enjoy the roving entertainment or make your way to our castle Abbey for pantomimes and puppetry, warm yourself by the fire while the kids are entertained.  On Saturday evenings, Medieval Feasts including live entertainment are held on site at the Abbey Tavern, and medieval themed yet modern accommodation is available for those who want to fully immerse themselves in Kryal Castles winter lifestyle.

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