Warrnambool-Rich Pickings!

In 1886, Joseph Archibald, a retired police inspector, established
the Warrnambool Museum and Art Gallery. Archibald’s eclectic
mix of original artworks, reproductions and museum curios were
housed in a building behind what was then the Mechanics Institute,
in Liebig Street.
The Collection includes an array of diverse
artefacts including a Polynesian pineapple club made of carvedstone, a Zulu girdle and Knobkerrie club, Fijian Fish hooks madefrom mother of pearl and tortoise shell, a small circular box supposedly carved from the coin of William the Conqueror’s daughter, an early 20th century cigarette tin containing Egyptian mummy wrapping, and Chinese silk lotus shoes slotted for women with bound feet from the Qing Dynasty. Many art facts are from
Archibald’s initial collection,…

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