Working for Conservation – Moonlite Sancturay

Michael Johnson, Founder and Owner of Moonlit Sanctuary, has become the Chairman of the Zoos and Aquarium Association (ZAA) of Australasia Wildlife Conservation Committee for 2020-21.Michael took up the position to lead ZAA-accredited zoos and aquariums in Australasia in their conservation projects. ZAA are huge contributors to conservation in our part of the world and globally with members participating in over 600 conservation programs for threatened species worldwide.
The Wildlife Conservation Committee is actively involved in a range of government recovery programs in Australia, New Zealand and globally to save threatened species including the orange-bellied parrot, southern cassowary, Tasmanian devil, kiwi and more.
Each year Australasian zoos and aquariums connect 22 million people with wildlife, fostering a love for our world’s species and educating people about positive actions to help save them.

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