World Heritage Cruises -Advanced New Catamaran

Strahan based tourism business World Heritage Cruises took delivery of their new 35m, 250 passenger catamaran, the MV Harbourmaster, which will be the first vessel to be operating in Tasmania under the NSCV F2 Fast Craft survey notation. The new vessel, designed by Incat Crowther and constructed in Hobart by specialist aluminium shipbuilder, Richardson Devine Marine, is the culmination of many years of research and development by World Heritage Cruises operating on the Gordon River and Macquarie Harbour. The lower reaches of the Gordon River has very strict requirements in terms of wake height and wave frequency and the MV Harbourmaster has been specifically designed to meet or exceed these parameters. World Heritage Cruises director, Troy Grining said the company worked closely with Richardson Devine Marine and the Australian Maritime College (AMC) to develop a design that combines excellent cruise comfort, low fuel consumption, low emissions, shallowest possible draught and minimum wake generation. “To achieve the goals we set for the new boat, extensive tank testing was carried out at the AMC during the design process which culminated in the inclusion of several advanced maritime technologies. “Operating in Macquarie Harbour and the Gordon River provides a number of challenges that evolving technology has allowed us to overcome. “The vessels need to be fuel efficient to keep operating costs and emissions per passenger down, it needs to generate as little wake as possible and because of the shallow water around Sarah Island it needs to draw as little water as possible. “So after testing at the Australian Maritime College in Launceston the final design included the surface drive propellers which reduce the underwater drag, increase fuel efficiency and dramatically reduce the amount of water needed under the vessel when we approach Sarah Island.” Mr Grining said. The Harbourmaster has four high efficiency Scania Marine Diesel engines, each producing 850hp at 2,300rpm and driving a ‘Sea Fury’ surface piercing propeller. The MV Harbourmaster is currently on sea trials and will soon be taken to Strahan to enter service on the company’s cruises.

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