Grab a Healthy Snack



As a growing kid, you need healthy snacks to get you through the day. Regular and nutritious snacks help keep your mind alert and your energy levels up.

When you get hungry between meals, nutritious snacks give you the extra energy and nutrients you need.

Potato chips, lollies, chocolates, cakes and biscuits may taste great but they’re also full of fats, sugar and salt. That means they don’t give you much fibre or nutrients.  It’s ok to have them now and then but not every day.

The best snack foods to choose are ones based on bread, fruit, vegetables and reduced fat dairy foods such as yoghurt and cheese. They’re tasty, filling and nutritious.


Breads and cereals

Low fat muffins

Raisin toast topped with banana or strawberries

Bread with tasty fillings such as baked beans

Home-made pizza using pita bread or muffins

Toasted sandwiches

Rice cakes topped with peanut butter or vegemite


Fruit and vegetables

Fresh or canned fruit

Vegetable sticks – carrot, cucumber or capsicum – with low fat dips or low fat cheese cubes

Corn on the cob

Dried fruit


Dairy products

Reduced fat smoothies and milkshakes

Reduced fat custard with fruit

Reduced fat yoghurt – just add some chopped fruit for an extra tasty snack

Other ideas

Sushi rolls

Boiled egg, avocado or tomato on a crispbread


Healthy snacks when out and about

Plain popcorn

Fruit like apples, bananas and grapes

Reduced fat milk

Fruit straps with 99% fruit


Finger buns or date/sultana scones

Low fat frozen yoghurt



Water and reduced fat milk