Darwin Waterfront

Just a short 5 minute stroll from the Darwin CBD, the Waterfront Precinct is a popular destination with a variety of free community events, seaside promenades and parklands, tourist attractions, hotels and all day alfresco dining.

It is a fresh new destination for locals and visitors alike, who want to relax, cool off with a swim, meet with friends over coffee, catch a movie or enjoy a family picnic.

The Waterfront Precinct is connected to the heart of Darwin city by a Sky Bridge and the Smith Street East Walkway, both offering their own unique experiences with wheelchair access via lifts and ramps.

The Sky Bridge offers panoramic views of the Darwin Waterfront Precinct and harbour beyond, with a glass-lined elevator taking visitors to the retail precinct and promenades below.

The old favourites in the area such as Indo Pacific Marine and the World War II Oil Tunnels are still there, but they have been joined by an exciting bunch of newcomers in the last few years.

Things to do in the area include: